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What you should look for when buying Hajj Umrah complete kit for men?

For Muslims, the Hajj and Umrah are two of the most significant pilgrimages. The biggest part is planning and preparation, and one of the most crucial parts of this preparation are purchasing an all-inclusive travel kit. Men’s Hajj Umrah complete kits often include all the needs for the journey, including towels, shoes, and other items like ihram. Yet it can be difficult to find the best one with so many options on the market. We’ll go over some of the features to look for when purchasing a comprehensive pack for the Hajj and Umrah for men.

Some of the major features of Hajj / Umrah Gents kits include:

  • The quality of the materials

It is essential to take into account, the quality of the materials used to make the kit into account while purchasing a Hajj Umrah kit. The equipment has to be made from strong, high-quality materials that can withstand the difficult roads and wear and tear of the trip. For instance, the ihram should be fashioned of a material that is soft, pleasant, and simple to wrap and wear. The towels should be of good quality and have a quick absorption rate.

  • Size and fit

The kit’s measurements and fit must be taken into account. The outfit should perfectly suit the person, allowing for mobility throughout the journey. For instance, the Ihram should fit the wearer properly, not being either too loose or too tight. It ought to be long enough to adequately cover the body. In a similar vein, the shoes must be loose enough to allow room for the toes and heel.

  • Number of items

Another essential factor to think about is the kit’s item number. All the necessary goods for the trip should be included in a complete kit, along with a backpack or travel bag to carry everything. The supply of towels, ihram, and other requirements should be sufficient for the duration of the trip.

  • Brand and Price

The kit’s brand and cost are important considerations as well. Purchasing from a well-known, respectable company (Maassalama) that sells high-quality goods is always a good choice. This does not require you to spend a lot of money, though. Affordable kits of high quality are always available.

The best Hajj Umrah Kits for Men: Maassalama has it all

The Hajj and Umrah Complete Kit for Men and the Umrah Complete Kit for Men are two of Maassalama’s top products. Let’s look each of these kits in more detail.

1.   Maassalama Umrah Ihram Kit for Men

The Maassalama Umrah Ihram Kit is a complete package that includes every item required for the Umrah ritual. The pilgrims’ comfort and convenience were taken into consideration when designing the equipment. The following characteristics and components are present.

  • Anti-Theft Ihram Belt

The Anti-Theft Ihram Belt is one of the most important components of the Maassalama Umrah Ihram Kit. During the entire Umrah journey, the belt is created to safeguard valuable belongings including passports, cell phones, and cash. It includes a lot of pockets to keep things safe and is made of high-quality cloth.

  • Bag for shoes and prayer mat

A bag for shoes and a prayer mat is also included in the set. This bag is made to keep the prayer mat and shoes safe and secure while travelling.

  • Ihram (ehram/ahram)

The Ihram (ehram/ahram), a two-piece outfit that every male pilgrim is required to wear during the Umrah journey, is also included in the pack. The Ihram is smooth and comfortable to wear because it is composed of 100% cotton.

  • Miswak

To keep their mouth and teeth clean while travelling, pilgrims can use the Miswak that is included in the Maassalama Umrah Ihram Kit.

  • Tasbeeh

 It is a symbolic component of the Maassalama Umrah Ihram Kit that aids the traveller in remembering their beliefs.

  • Travel Prayer Mat

A travel prayer mat is also included in the Maassalama Umrah Ihram Kit for the pilgrim to use while travelling. It is a lightweight, foldable mat and easy to carry.

It is another thorough and useful solution kit that contains all the things one would require on a trip in order to make it more comfortable and hassle-free.

  • All-in-one travel bag

An all-in-one travel bag is included in the Maassalama Hajj and Umrah Complete Package for Men to make your trip easier and more stress-free. It is a roomy bag that can hold all the kit’s components, including the Ihram anti-theft belt, the back and side bags, the shoes and prayer mat bag, the stone pouch, the first aid kit, and more.

  • Anti-Theft Ihram belt

The anti-theft Ihram belt is one of this kit’s most distinctive features. When you are fulfilling your religious responsibilities, this belt is especially made to protect your valuables.

  • The side and back bag

The kit’s back and side bags are ideal for storing all of your necessities, including your phone, wallet, and other accessories. It is a shoulder-style bag that is both strong and light in weight.

  • Shoes and bag containing a prayer mat

Another major element of this kit is the bag for the shoes and prayer mat. Your shoes and prayer mat can be kept in this waterproof bag.

  • The bag of stones

The stone pack is yet another essential element of this toolkit. You can keep the stones you’ll need for the rite of stoning in Mina in this tiny pouch.

  • The first-aid kit

This kit comes with a health care kit that is equipped with everything you need to stay healthy while travelling. It consists of things like bandages, antibacterial creams, and painkillers.

Vaseline, liquid hand sanitizer, and fragrance-free shampoo are also included in the kit. As none of these products includes fragrance, they are perfect for people with sensitive skin.

  • The face mask and gloves

You must use gloves and face masks in this set to protect yourself from bacteria and germs.

  • Ihram

This kit’s ihram is composed of 100% A-grade cotton cloth. It is made to be worn when performing the Hajj or Umrah and is light and comfortable.

  • Travel air pillow

The travel air pillow is made to give you the most comfort possible when travelling. It is a tiny, portable pillow that can be inflated to give you the support you require.

  • Water bottle for travel

The pilgrims’ access to pure drinking water is always guaranteed by this travel bottle, especially in hot weather.

  • The Portable Praying Mat

It is yet another essential element of this kit that is portable, lightweight, and suitable for usage wherever the traveler may be during prayer.

  • Mat for Sleeping

A sleeping mat that was created specifically for pilgrims to use while staying at Muzdalifah is also included in the kit. The mat is portable, light, and gives the pilgrims a comfortable sleeping surface while they are there.

  • Miswak

Miswak is yet another crucial component of this set. It is used to maintain oral hygiene while performing the Hajj and Umrah, and each pilgrim is provided with a Miswak as part of the kit.

  • Tasbeeh

The bundle also contains a string of prayer beads called a tasbeeh, that aids pilgrims in keeping track of their prayers and Quranic verse recital.

  • Sewing Tool Set

It is a necessary item that may be used to mend any torn clothing or bags while on the trip and come with a sewing needle, thread, and button.

A knife, scissors, comb, and nail cutter are also included in the bag since they are necessary for maintaining personal hygiene, grooming, and self-care while performing the Hajj and Umrah.

  • Little Lock

The kit also contains a Little Lock, which is used to lock up the pilgrims’ luggage and other possessions while they are travelling.

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