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What to look for when buying Ihram of men or women for Hajj or Umrah?

The two most significant pilgrimages in Islam are the Hajj and Umrah, both of which every Muslim aspires to complete at least once in their lifetime. The white robe known as the ihram, which pilgrims wear on these sacred journeys, is a crucial aspect of these meditative journeys. The right Ihram must be chosen, nevertheless, in order to guarantee a relaxing and trouble-free vacation. Below is a checklist to follow while purchasing Ihram for men or women to perform Umrah or the Hajj.

1- Fabric quality

Ihram is typically made of cotton or other breathable, light textiles. It is essential to pick a fabric that is soft on your skin and facilitates movement while you are on the pilgrimage. The cloth should be simple to wash and dry quickly.

2- The Ihram’s size

In order to ensure comfort and ease of movement, the proper size must be chosen for both men’s and women’s ihram. The Ihram should be wide enough to wrap around the body and long enough to reach the ankles. It is advised to try the Ihram on before buying to make sure it fits correctly.

3- Suitable Color

Although there are several hues of white available on the market, both men’s and women’s ihram is usually white. It’s crucial to pick a hue that’s neither too brilliant nor too muted. The Ihram’s colour should be consistent and free of stains or blemishes.

4- Brand of the fabric

There are a number of Ihram brands on the market, so it’s crucial to pick one that’s reputable and trustworthy that has a solid track record for quality and durability.

Want the best Ihram for Hajj and Umrah?

For both male and female Hajj and Umrah travelers, We Maassalama, a well-known brand in the Muslim market, offers a wide selection of ihrams. The company is well-known for its dependability and quality as well as for offering pilgrims a cosy and reasonably priced option. An ihram is unique clothing that Muslims wear while performing the Hajj or Umrah trip, for those who are unfamiliar with the term. Due to the fact that every pilgrim wears the same plain white robe while on their journey, the garment stands for equality and purity. We recognize how significant the ihram is for pilgrims, and we have made it our duty to offer the highest caliber clothing to make the occasion as pleasant and fulfilling as possible. Pilgrims from all over the world now frequently choose Maassalama because of its emphasis on quality, comfort, and affordability.

Our extensive selection of sizes and styles for both men and women is one of the most distinguishing aspects of our Maassalama’s ihram assortment. They offer pilgrims alternatives in regular, deluxe, and super deluxe categories so they can select the level of comfort and elegance they like. For individuals on a restricted budget, the typical ihram offers a straightforward, uncomplicated garment. The deluxe option is an improvement, providing a cozier and long-lasting garment with extra convenience features like a zipper and a pocket. The ultra deluxe option, which has extra features including an extra layer of cotton for comfort and durability, is the best grade ihram that Maassalama offers.

High-quality cotton ihrams from Maassalama are pleasant and long-lasting. In addition to being lightweight and breathable, cotton is ideal for the hot and muggy conditions that pilgrims frequently encounter while on their journey.

The details of every ihram style we provide for both men and women planning to attend the Hajj or Umrah are listed below:

Maassalama Ihram for Women, Ladies Cotton Scarf, Namaz Chadar

In the below section we have described the qualities of our women’s Ihram, ladies cotton scarf, namaz chadar, and Ihram for the Hajj and Umrah offered by Maassalam.

1- Ihram for Women:

Two pieces of white cotton clothing, one covering the upper body and the other the lower, make up a woman’s ihram. The fabric should be plain and devoid of any patterns. Any modest, body-covering apparel is acceptable for women to wear underneath the ihram. During Ihram, women are not permitted to cover their hands or faces.

2- Ladies Cotton Scarf:

During Ihram, women must have a ladies cotton scarf. The head and neck are covered in it. The scarf shouldn’t have any patterns and should be composed of plain white cotton fabric. It should be long enough to completely envelop the head and neck, but not the face.

3- Namaz Chadar:

Women can cover their faces during prayer by using a scarf called a namaz chadar. It is long enough to cover the head, face, and shoulders and is composed of a thin white cotton cloth. It should only be used during prayer and be taken away thereafter.

Maassalama Towel Ihram Premium 45×90

Muslims can use the Maassalama Towel Ihram Premium 45 x 90, a premium towel, while performing the Hajj or Umrah. Because it is composed entirely of cotton, it is incredibly absorbent and comfortable to use. The towel differs from other towels on the market thanks to a variety of qualities. The big size of Maassalama Towel Ihram Premium 4590 is one of its most remarkable characteristics. The towel is large enough to completely enclose an adult’s body at 45 x 90 inches. This means that while engaging in the various Hajj or Umrah procedures, such as the Tawaf and Sa’i, you can use the towel to cover yourself.

Also, the towel has a special shape that makes it simple to use. It features a loop on one end so that the towel may be hung on a hook and a hood on one end that can be used to cover the head. During conducting the Hajj or Umrah rituals, the loop is helpful for keeping the towel in place. The softness of Maassalama Towel Ihram Premium 4590 is another excellent quality. The towel is soft and soothing on the skin because it is made of premium cotton. This implies that you won’t feel any discomfort while using the towel for extended times.

The towel is moreover very absorbent, which enables it to take up a lot of moisture. This is particularly helpful in Mecca’s hot and muggy weather, when pilgrims frequently perspire a lot. Throughout your journey, you will stay dry and comfortable because to the towel’s absorbency. Last but not least, Maassalama Towel Ihram Premium 4590 is simple to clean. It may be tumble dried and machine washed, and even after numerous washings, it keeps its softness and absorbency.

Maassalama Velvet Ihram Premium for Hajj and Umrah

It is essential to obtain Maassalama Velvet Ihram Premium if you intend to make the holy pilgrimages of Hajj or Umrah. Many characteristics of this distinctive and high-quality product set it apart from other Ihrams on the market. Let’s look at some of Maassalama Velvet Ihram Premium’s best qualities.

1- Pleasant and Soft:

The Ihram is composed of velvet fabric of the highest quality, which is pleasant to the touch. As velvet is breathable, you won’t get hot and sweaty while doing the Hajj or Umrah ceremonies.

2- Elegant and Sleek Design:

Maassalama Velvet Ihram Premium is elegant and trendy. The Ihram has a stunning white tone and a complex golden embroidery pattern. The embroidery, which is done on the border and the chest, gives the outfit a refined and elegant touch.

3- Lightweight:

The Ihram is incredibly portable, making it simple to transport during the trek. It takes up very little room when folded and packed in your luggage.

4- Easy to Wash:

Maassalama Velvet Ihram Premium is simple to clean, and even after numerous washings, the colour does not bleed. The velvet fabric dries rapidly, making it simple for you to wash and re-wear it.

5- Affordable:

Maassalama Velvet Ihram Premium gives exceptional value for the money despite being a high-quality product.

6- Size Variations:

To meet the demands of all pilgrims, Maassalama Velvet Ihram Premium is available in a variety of size variations. You can select the size that best suits you and provides the greatest level of comfort for your Hajj or Umrah ceremonies.

7- Perfect Gift:

Maassalama Velvet Ihram Premium is the ideal present for family members who are preparing to travel for the Hajj or Umrah. It is a gift that your loved ones will treasure for a very long time because of its attractive design and high-quality materials.

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