The Importance Of Health Kit During Pilgrimage

travel health care kit

For any Muslim, pilgrimage is the ultimate achievement. Major pilgrimage, known as Hajj, is an obligatory duty for every Muslim who is fit and financially stable, whereas minor Pilgrimage (Umrah) is a voluntary action.

Pilgrimage refers to the visit to the holy city of Mecca, where several rituals are performed before going to the next holy city of Medina, where Muslims visit the Prophet’s mosque (Masjide Nabawi). Several quotes of the Prophet (PBUH) emphasize the importance and high rewards of pilgrimage, which is why every Muslim yearns to reach the land of Arab at least once in their life.

That being said, it is also equally important that you equip yourself with all the essentials when visiting Saudi Arabia. This includes first aid supplies and medication. Pilgrimage consists of a multitude of activities and rituals, some of which may be very exhausting. This is where chances of injuries and illnesses arise. Let’s discuss the importance of carrying a health kit while traveling to Mecca.

Why Carry A Health Kit?

A basic travel health kit is crucial for your well-being, no matter where you go. You may be traveling to one of the most developed nations of the world, but first aid supplies and medicines aren’t always readily available, or easy to find for foreigners. Also, the medicines prescribed for you might not be available at all in the country you’re heading to.

That said, a good travel health kit must have sufficient supplies to counter illnesses, treat minor injuries, and contain any pre-existing medical conditions, at least for the duration of your trip.

What Can You Include In Your Travel Health Kit?

Apart from all the religious obligations, you’ll be fulfilling before reaching Saudi Arabia, it is also essential for you to know the proper usage of first aid supplies in your health kit. Things you can include are:

  • Adhesive bandages (all sizes) along with adhesive tape
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Wound cleanser
  • Blister pads
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Gauze
  • Sachets of rehydration salts
  • Scissors and pins
  • Thermometer
  • Tweezers to get rid of ticks or splinters
  • Bandages for sprains
  • Deep heat sprays


Before you set off for your holy duty, make sure you discuss the usage of medications with your doctor. Carefully note and follow the directions for use, which includes when to seek medical care and dosage. Moreover, take along a sufficient amount of medicines so that you don’t run out of supplies before the end of the trip. You can also consult the travel agency to learn about what things you can bring on a plane.

In usual circumstances, the medicines you should carry in your health care kit are:

  • Any medicine that you normally use
  • Cream/balms to treat minor skin irritation
  • Anti-allergies
  • Anti-diarrheal medicines
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ointments to avoid infection
  • Pain and fever medication
  • Stomach and intestinal medication
  • High-altitude sickness medicines

Other Items

Apart from the necessary medicines, there are some additional items that you may include depending on your personal preference. For instance:

  • Sunburn creams
  • Ear-plugs
  • Extra pair of glasses (if you have weak eye-sight)
  • Mosquito repellents and mosquito net
  • Eye drops

Maassalama Health Care Kit

The above-mentioned items are a must, but it may become a hassle to gather all the essentials from different places. This is why Maassalama provides a complete Hajj health care kit that includes everything a pilgrim would need. This includes:

  • Fragrance Free Soap Fragrance
  •  Free Lotion Fragrance
  •  free shampoo
  • Fragrance
  •  free petroleum jelly
  •  Natural deodorant
  •  liquid spray Miswak.

Know that you’re extremely lucky to get the chance to visit the holy cities – Mecca and Medina. Make the most of your time there, but also make sure you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy during the visit. Get in touch with Maassalama to purchase some of the best side bags for Umrah and Hajj. Our extensive range of products includes several high-quality side bags, Umrah travel health care kits, waist belts, and other essentials.

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