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Four Factors That Affect Your Umrah Duration

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Umrah or the lesser pilgrimage is one of the holiest acts of worship a Muslim could perform. Umrah is performed with pure intentions and is done to gain countless blessings and rewards from the Almighty Allah.

Although Umrah is not an obligatory practice, its rewards are really high.

Unlike Hajj or major pilgrimage, Umrah could be performed at any time of the year (other than days of annual pilgrimage). Therefore, Muslims from all corners of the world come all the time to Makkah and perform holy Umrah.

Just like during Hajj, Muslims in Umrah put on their ihram along with the ihram belt and circulate around the Holy Kabba seven times. Umrah is one of the holy sunnah of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) and it is recommended to every Muslim of the world. 

When someone goes for Umrah for the first time, there are a lot of questions they need answers to. For instance “How long would it take them to complete Umrah?

Although the minimal package starts from 7 days, in which 4 days are for Makkah and the remaining 3 for Madinah, there is no rule that mandates you to visit Madinah at all. The fact of the matter is, you can perform Umrah even in a matter of 3 to 6 hours. With that being said, it is impossible to acquire an Umrah package for one day!

What are the factors that affect Umrah’s duration?

Although you can purchase an ihram belt online and complete your Umrah procession in a few hours, oftentimes it takes much longer than the anticipated time. Primarily that is because lots of factors could affect the timings.

Have a look at some of them:

  1. Essential knowledge

There is no factor that affects an Umrah duration more than your knowledge regarding the Islamic rituals Umrah rituals. For instance, if you have confessed your faith and new to the Muslim rituals, you would understandably take more time than the individuals who are born Muslims. Oftentimes, new Muslims are heard asking about supplications they could make at different points during Umrah.

For you to perform proper Umrah, you need to have substantial knowledge about each step, because Umrah does not begin the instant you enter the House of Allah, it begins and proceeds with your intentions.

  1. Time of the day

Another factor that influences the duration of Umrah is the time of day you have started it. If there are rush hours, you would take much longer to complete Umrah. Similarly, when it is less crowded you would not take much time to complete it.

  1. Before Hajj or after Hajj

This is also important that either stretch or shorten the time. Performing Umrah before Hajj would make you confront dense crowds. While performing it after the Hajj when most people are returning back to the countries they had come from, would make everything much peaceful and quaint for you.

  1. Accompanying members

If you are a healthy young individual, you would barely take more than half a day to complete Umrah. However, if you are in Makkah to complete Umrah along with all your family members (young and ailing), you are likely to take a lot more time.

The main ritual of Umrah is Tawaf. It mandates the pilgrims to circulate seven times around the Holy Kabah. The duration of the first tawaf is usually the shortest i.e. 45 minutes. However, it again varies with your health state and various other factors.

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