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The Importance Of Umrah For Muslims

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Umrah holds immense importance for Muslims. A lot of people confuse it as less significant since it’s termed “minor pilgrimage”. However, that’s not the case. In fact, Umrah has almost similar religious values and importance as “Hajj’, just done differently.

The journey to the house of Allah has great importance. Most prominent Muslim scholars are of the view that those who get to visit the Holy Kaabah and the Masjid –e- Nabawi, are chosen by Allah, and it has nothing to do with affordability. The practice of Umrah has also been quite beautifully explained and done by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Let’s discuss the differences between Hajj (major pilgrimage) and Umrah (minor pilgrimage).

Differences Between Both Pilgrimages

Umrah is offered by Muslims from all around the world. They come to the holy city of Mecca, perform circumambulation around the Kaabah, along with several other mandatory activities, after which they head over the city of Madinah, where they offer prayers in the old holy mosque of the Prophet (Masjid e Nabawi). The word “Umrah” refers to a populated place in the Arabic language, and Umrah isn’t a mandatory part of Islam.

On the other hand, Hajj is counted as a pillar of Islam. This is an obligation that every Muslim has to perform, at least once in their life. However, people who aren’t physically fit or are unable to afford Hajj are exempted. Hajj is only practiced during the designated days marked in the Islamic lunar calendar, whereas Umrah can be done at any time of the year. The last month of the Islamic calendar, Zul Hajj, is when Hajj is performed.

Another major difference between both the pilgrimages is the time they consume and the number of activities performed in both. The rituals in Umrah are all a part of Hajj, but Hajj has some additional rituals as well. Hajj is quite time-consuming with a lot of rites.

That being said, let’s now discuss the importance of Umrah for Muslims.

Reasons That Make Umrah An Important Ritual For Muslims

As a Muslim, it is important to know the rewards and benefits one can avail of after the performance of Umrah.

  1. You Become The Guest Of Allah

What can be more rewarding and honorable than to be the guest of the king of kings? A true Muslim would always envision being close to Allah. While we all stand in front of Allah every day, when we offer our daily prayers, but to be physically close is when you reach the holy mosque of Mecca. A senior companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Abu Huraira (R.A) quoted the prophet saying, “the guests of Allah are three: the Ghazi (who wins in Jihad), the Hajji (pilgrim who performs Hajj), and the Mutamir (the pilgrim who performs umrah).

  • Your Financial State Starts To Stabilize

When you invest your money in transportation, visas, food, hoteling, and so many other things, Allah rewards all of it back with a multiplier effect. This may sound like a belief or part of Muslims’ faith, but this is quite apparent if you notice people who have performed Umrah.

Another senior companion of the Prophet (PUBH), reported that Allah’s Messenger said, “Perform hajj and umrah consecutively; for they remove poverty and sin as bellows removes impurity from iron.”

  • Visiting Madinah

The City of Prophet (PBUH) holds grave significance for every Muslim. This is where Allah’s messenger started building the foundations of Islam, and where all the revelations of the Quran were completed. Having to visit this place is an honor greater than any blessing on earth.

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