Special Bag Prepared for Hajj and Umrah

Hajj and Umrah are although a journey full of happiness and blessings to a great extent but at the same time it is not simple and easy like other travels.
The pilgrims may face tough time and problems quite often during this journey but every Muslim bears these problems to receive reward and more blessings from the Almighty.
How we can reduce the impact of problems with proper preparation.
In this regard, an important decision is the selection of the right luggage bag. This is because the journey is often on foot due to congestion or rush hour for which a comfortable, safe and multi featured bag is needed.
There was no such bag in market which can be used as Shoulder Bag, Hand Bag or Back Pack at a time.
This problem is solved with Ma’asalama All in One Travel Bag.
Ma’asalama All in One Travel Bag can be used as Shoulder Bag, Hand Bag or Back Pack as and when desired.
This bag is also equipped with Night Vision Reflector for easy visibility during night.
Moreover, this bag has a separate compartment for used clothes as well as for shoes.
Ma’asalama All in One Travel Bag is a good choice for Hajj and Umrah which solves the purpose and provides satisfaction and good value for money.

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