Ma’Assalama Hajj Umrah and Travel Products مصنوعات للحج والعمرة والسفر 

Our Aim is To Provide High Quality Products To #Hajj and #Umrah Pilgrims and Tourists to keep Their Journey safe & Sound. Ma’Assalama Prepare Hajj Umrah and Travel Products Keeping in view The Journey of Hajj and Umrah’s #safety and ease. We have especially considered the safety and weight of the products. Our Special Products are #All in one Travel #Bag as a hajj and Umrah Complete Kit can use as Backpacks shoulder bags Handbags and Up load to Luggage. Ma’Assalama #Anti #Theft Ihraam Belt is specifically Designed for Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims. It is anti Theft and anti cut also with light weight and Water Resistance. Ma’Assalama Back and Side Bag is a unique Products specially designed for Hajj umrah and Travel. This bag can use as side bag when you are out for shopping or exercise. Ma’Assalama Shoe and Prayer Mate Bag is a light weight and water resistance bag having large capacity Shose, Prayer mate, Umbrella and water bottle.

Hajj Umrah and Travel Health Care Kit مستلزمات لرعاية الصحية للرحلة الحج والعمرة

Hajj Umrah and Travel Health Care Kit مستلزمات لرعاية الصحية للرحلة الحج If you are going to perform Hajj, Umrah or Travel this is a Health Care Kit must have. Hajj Kit specification: Brand: Ma’Assalama Fragrance Free – Sanitizer, Petroleum Jelly, Organic Shampoo+, Hand Liquid Wash, Masks, Gloves, Miswak. Ma’Assalama Fragrance Free Hajj Umrah and Travel Kit (8 in 1 Pack) Ma’Assalama Pvt Ltd is introducing Fragrance free Hajj Umrah and Travel Health Care kit with all essentials that will comfort you during your spiritual journey. This Kit box contains: Fragrance Free Soap Fragrance Free Lotion Fragrance free shampoo Fragrance free petroleum jelly Natural deodorant liquid spray Miswak. Ma’Asslama has developed A Health Care Kit. This has been designed especially for pilgrims traveling for Hajj or Umrah. It has been designed with consultations with Doctors, Pharmacists, and people who have been to Hajj and Umrah. This Health Care Kit has been designed to hold health care contents, such as Sanitizer, Masks, Hand Wash, Miswaks, etc. During this Pandemic. Make your Traveling safe with Ma’Asslama. Grab Health Care Kit at

Ma’Assalama Hajj Umrah & Travel Products

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