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All in 1 Travel Bag

All in one Travel Bag, Has many functions i-e use as hand bag, shoulder bag, Back Pack,having Shoes & Used cloths pocket, side functions, load up with luggage Rod, fold able, high Capacity And many More. Have Multi functions,easy in transfer & Travel with smart functions, Best for Explorers

Anti Theft Ihram Belt

Ma`Assalama Anti Theft Ihram Belt has many security features like Anti-cut belt (secured by concrete wire), Anti theft, Secure Zip stopper, Secured concealed buckles, secured pockets for Mobile, Money & Passport, Hidden Money Pocket, Light weight, Water Resistant, Identity Display and Easy to Wear.

Complete Ihram Kit

Complete Ihram Kit Contains:
  1. All in 1 Bag
  2. Anti Theft Ihram Belt
  3. Back & Side Bag
  4. Shoes & Prayer Mat Bag
  5. Stone Pouch
  6. Umbrella
  7. Water Bottel
  8. Tasbeeh
  9. Miswak

Easy Travel Kit

Maassalama has created a special travel kit to make your  travel easy and comfortable . it contains  following essentials items,